How Artificial Intelligence could transform Government
Cognitive technologies have the potential to revolutionize the public sector—and save billions of dollars Can “smart” technology make government, well, smarter? It’s already happening: Through AI-based applications, developers are looking to transform the public sector by automating tasks and much more. But for optimal gain, agencies must make tough choices about where and how to introduce new technologies.

Artificial intelligence already helps run government, with cognitive applications doing everything from reducing backlogs and cutting costs to handling tasks we can’t easily do on our own, such as predicting fraudulent transactions and identifying criminal suspects via facial recognition.

Indeed, while we expect AI-based technology in the years ahead to fundamentally transform how public-sector employees get work done—eliminating some jobs, redesigning countless others, and even creating entirely new profession—it’s already changing the nature of many jobs and revolutionizing facets of government operations. source: deloitte Interested to talk with us and get involved to be part of this AI Revolution in Government Sectors?
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