AI ML MarketPlace strives to foster Research and Education throughout the member community and assist in sharing that content with other members. By sharing knowledge, the entire market becomes more efficient, effective and profitable. AI ML MarketPlace facilitates this through several tactics as described below

University Partner Program

Industry Sponsored Research - The Association facilitates connecting companies globally that have interest in sponsoring University led research in the virtual reality and augmented reality ecosystem. This includes technology development and testing, market research, psychological impacts of AI and ML technology, and uses.

Datascience Certification Courses and Training - The platform can help facilitate connecting other member companies with certified and trained talent, through internships and job opportunities as well as feedback to the university on key subject matter for both basic and advanced course knowledge requirements.

Internships & Job Placement - the platform has internship opportunities for students. Also, the platform helps place students in full time jobs at leading AI ML companies.

Distribution of Research - The platform helps distribute research reports, summaries, case studies and experiences through the newsletter, and directly to other member companies.

Promotion and Exposure for University Programs - Through promotion in the AI ML MarketPlace Newsletter and pael and speaking opportunities at our partner events.
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