Blocky is the Swiss Army knife of cryptocurrency bots, giving you live price data, coin information, news, events and more to help keep your finger on the crypto pulse.

Blocky’s vast range of commands and features will help improve conversation within channels in your Discord or Slack community. It will also ensure that you and your users will be up-to-date with any ongoing changes or updates in the cryptocurrency world.

Group admins have the ability to restrict channel usage and all commands also work via direct message.

It can also convert cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, in any order!

Command examples:

Live price and market data - /blocky bitcoin
Daily coin chart data - /blocky chart btc d
Global market data - /blocky global
Calendar - /blocky events ethereum
Market cap movers and shakers - /blocky top5
Latest & trending cryptocurrency news - /blocky news hot
Currency conversion tool - /blocky convert 10 litecoin to ripple
Wiki information - /blocky wiki neo
Ethereum balance checker - /blocky balance 0xe751485c125f812DC2a998bC2d8bBF8650DFf654

* For a full list of commands, just type /blocky help.


11 October 2019



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