BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube


At BOSEbuild, we believe that hands-on exploration is the key to sparking a child’s curiosity. When kids build something with their own hands and experience it with their own senses, it does more than just teach – it inspires.

Kids are brilliant, creative, imaginative, curious creatures. At BOSEbuild we come to work every day with one mission: to find new ways to inspire their curiosity and spark their instinct for exploration. And to do that, sometimes we have to think like a kid, ask the questions a kid would ask, get out the scissors and tape and crayons and get to work. Because we believe that when kids build something with their own hands, and ask questions along the way, (“Why is it this way? What would happen if I did it that way instead?”) they are building so much more than a mere object – they’re building knowledge, creativity, and confidence.


17 October 2018


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