Hi, I’m Hironsan, the Founder of Ahorogrammer.
I created Ahogrammer with the goal of making the complex understand Aho.

When you are working, you have browsed information that is not relevant to your work, haven’t you?

I feel awkward when my boss is creeping behind. Of course, I can switch the screen in a hurry, but such behavior is suspicious, and sometimes I don’t notice him. So, in order to switch the screen without being suspected, I create a system that automatically recognizes that he is approaching to me and hides the screen.

Specifically, Keras is used to implement neural network for learning his face, a web camera is used to recognize that he is approaching, and switching the screen.


The mission is to switch the screen automatically when my boss is approaching to me.


13 October 2018


bots, artificialintelligence

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