Jenny Starchat

Jenny Starchat

STARCHAT - The Open Source Conversational Engine Behind Jenny At GetJenny, we are committed not only to our customers, but to the future. We know that beyond the hype of chatbots, there's a real need for machines that are capable of understanding human language inputs. 

That's why we are inviting everyone involved in this space to create a suitable and open solution, for us, by us, that can make that future a reality. Starchat - Scaleable, Modular, Stateless Conversational Engine for B2B apps Implement workflow based bots easily by leveraging the capabilities of Elastic Search and a wide range of NLP tools already implemented into Starchat. Create analyzer functions easily that can understand user queries and distinguish between overlapping ones with a powerful rule engine. Allows you to connect to various systems you already use, implement button functions based on queries, ask for clarifications or escalate to human operators once implemented. Any function implemented in the front-end can be called. Easy to start with - using Docker images, or Elasticsearch 5.3 & Scala 12.2 
We are proud that leading financial sector players in the Nordics are using Jenny's professional services based on Starchat to raise their customer support efficiency by 20%. Created by Mario Alemi (@malemi) and Angelo Leto (@angleto).


11 October 2019



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