Meet Neil, a new kind of newsreader. We call it your personalized curator AI. Neil is a chatbot, a virtual assistant whose only goal is to find interesting stories for you to read. 

How does it work? Tell Neil about your interests No need to browse through hundreds of categories, just use your own words to tell Neil what you like. Neil will try to understand and will ask you for details when he is not sure. Neil finds quality content for you Neil scans thousands of sources that have been manually curated in order to find content matching your interests. Neil focuses on quality, avoiding fake news and clickbait articles to bring you news worth reading. Neil learns and gets better with time Like or dislike articles to teach Neil about your preferences. Neil will keep learning to find what you really care about. 

Other features 
• Bookmark articles you love to easily find them or to read them later. 
• Share your favorite articles with your friends. 
• Receive a daily notification with a cool article from Neil. 
• More to come! Neil is currently only available in English. 

Neil is free, with no ad, so give it a try and find news worth reading!


11 October 2019



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