AI/NLP Engineer - Machine Learning

AI/NLP Engineer - Machine Learning

Location: Bangalore
Region: Asia
Job Type: Full Time
Job category: Machine Learning Expert
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Artivatic is AI enterprise tech platform built on genomic science, psychology and neuroscience capabilities to automate the decision making, prediction, personalization & recommendation in real time. Artivatic is building its own proprietary algorithms 'connected-data-genome-mapping' & 'cross-sector-connected-intelligence'. It is available in form of API, SDK & SaaS platform for enterprises & developers to build intelligent systems & solutions.

- Artivatic utilizes neuroscience-based proprietary artificial intelligence systems to solve business problems and speed up processes that are usually conducted manually.

What we are looking for :

We at artivatic are seeking for passionate, talented and research focused natural processing language engineer with strong machine learning and mathematics background to help build industry-leading technology. The ideal candidate will have research/implementation experience in modeling and developing NLP tools and have experience working with machine learning/deep learning algorithms.

Qualifications :

- Bachelors or Master degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or related field with specialization in natural language - Processing, Machine Learning or Deep Learning.

- Publication record in conferences/journals is a plus.

- 2+ years of working/research experience building NLP based solutions is preferred.

Required Skills :

- Hands-on Experience building NLP models using different NLP libraries ad toolkit like NLTK, Stanford NLP etc.

- Good understanding of Rule-based, Statistical and probabilistic NLP techniques.

- Good knowledge of NLP approaches and concepts like topic modeling, text summarization, semantic modeling, Named Entity recognition etc.

- Good understanding of Machine learning and Deep learning algorithms.

- Good knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms.

- Strong programming skills in Python/Java/Scala/C/C++.

- Strong problem solving and logical skills.

- A go-getter kind of attitude with the willingness to learn new technologies.

- Well versed in software design paradigms and good development practices.

Responsibilities :

- Developing novel algorithms and modeling techniques to advance the state of the art in Natural Language Processing.

- Developing NLP based tools and solutions end to end.

- Working closely with R&D and Machine Learning engineers implementing algorithms that power user and developer-facing products.Be responsible for measuring and optimizing the quality of your algorithms

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