Data Scientist Junior

Data Scientist Junior

Location: Paris, France
Region: Europe
Job Type: Full Time
Job category: Data Scientist
Company Name: The AI Institute
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The AI Institute ( trains its students in the US to become operational Data Scientists in three months (480 hours of training). The principle is as follows: we help you find a position as a Data Scientist with one of our partner companies (often consulting firms). The hiring company finances the 3-month training course with us for an amount of USD 10800. The hiring company (entity paying for your training) then provides you with an employment letter for April, 2020. The training with The AI Institute begins on January 1, 2020 for 3 months..


The objective of this training is to provide scientific graduates with the tools, knowledge, and technical and human skills required or useful to become a leader fully operational in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence transformation and to know how to implement it in the business world, in particular:


  • Definition: Understanding Data Science; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning and Deep Learning (neural networks): definitions and objectives; discovering theoretical principles and foundations; discovering programming tools (Python, Tensorflow).


  • Tools: Master the main Data Science tools, statistical methods and their applications in digital data processing and analysis; R; Python and algorithm language workshops; SAS workshops; AWS workshops.


  • Pass the Base Programmer SAS certification, the software most used by statisticians.


  • Pass the AWS Foundational certification to know how to deploy your solutions on the cloud.


  • Technical foundation: master the main techniques of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks - understand how they work and know how to implement them; data mining applications; practical workshops on Keras and Tensorflow frameworks.


  • Technologies: mastering AI technologies specific to image, video and natural language processing, including convolutional neural networks, particularly through Python and Tensorflow project workshops.
  • Business cases: Know and understand the fields of application of AI in companies through the analysis of many business cases of various implementations (economic sectors, objectives, input data, constraints...) to know where its use is possible, with which means, risks and prospects of success.


  • Project development: Know and understand how to build and carry out innovation projects in AI; analyze pre-required data, generate innovative ideas, take into account regulations, identify resources and expertise, build an infrastructure, lead a prototype, manage iterations...


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