Machine Learning Scientist

Machine Learning Scientist

Location: New York, NY, USA
Region: North America
Job Type: Full Time
Job category: Machine Learning Expert
Company Name: Ai Works
Cost: US$1.5L–US$1.95L
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Compass is building the first modern end-to-end real estate platform by integrating agents, buyers and sellers through technology. Until Compass, no one has achieved the blend of the Natural Intelligence that hundreds of thousands of enterprising real estate agents bring to this market, with the “Artificial Intelligence” that cloud, mobile and AI technologies enable. We are building AI to empower AI - Artificial Intelligence to empower Agent Intelligence.

As one of the fastest growing technology companies of our generation, in an industry larger than any other, we have an opportunity and obligation to build a world-class engineering team and the operating platform that will transform real estate. In 2019 we will triple the size of our engineering team and are searching for creative and inspiring colleagues at all levels of the engineering organization.

At Compass, our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world. This means we continually celebrate the diverse community different individuals cultivate. As an equal opportunity employer, we stay true to our mission by ensuring that our place can be anyone’s place. Our entrepreneurship principles bind us together and inform how we tackle the tremendous challenges ahead.

About the Role

As an AI / Machine Learning Engineer at Compass, you will use your experience with AI tools and technology to improve every step of the real estate agent, buyer and seller experience at Compass. Leveraging the data-rich features of the real estate industry, you will build technology that analyzes listings and other relevant geospatial features, observes user behavior, ingests financial transaction data and builds models that predict the needs of Compass stakeholders at every step of their real estate journey.

At Compass You Will:
• Build, develop and scale our machine learning infrastructure that powers data science and AI features
• Be a domain expert on real estate technology and products and an empathetic partner to our customers
• Operate in a scalable engineering culture that leverages modern principles of decoupled systems and automated CI/CD/testing/monitoring to drive efficiencies

What We Look For:
• BA/BS in Computer Science, related technical field or equivalent practical experience.
• Strong programming skills in one or more of the following: Python, Go, C++, and/or Java
• Experience with modern web frameworks (e.g. Go/React), distributed computing (e.g. Spark), public cloud platforms (e.g. AWS) and data pipelines
• Familiarity with containerization, microservices architecture, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)
• Experience with products throughout their life cycles, from idea conception to product release and maintenance
• Experience in platform and infrastructure development in supporting machine learning applications in one or more of the following areas: Search, RecSys, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Optimization, Time Series Forecasting and Data Mining

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