Xotiv Technologies

Xotiv Technologies

Location: Noida
Region: Asia
Job Type: Full Time
Job category: AI Engineer
Company Name: Xotiv Technologies
Email: info@xotiv.com
Application URL: https://www.hirist.com/j/xotiv-technologies-artificial-intelligence-developer-machine-learning-2-5-yrs-322054.html?ref=rl


Candidates should be equipped with developing operating software that can be used for robots, artificial intelligence programs or other artificial intelligence applications. We are looking for fresh talents to write cognitive programming codes in various languages to make the most innovative task look simple. Candidate must have the acumen and adaptability as a research scientist and engineer to develop inventive, cutting-edge solutions for challenges in data science and artificial intelligence.

- Apply knowledge in quantitative analysis, machine learning, statistical modeling, and software development to data analysis problems for various projects.

- Explore promising research and maintain/gain the technical edge required for projects. Share and develop new approaches and methods.

- Equipped with the knowledge as of Tech wizard who writes and derives programmatical algorithms in the field of Big Data, AI and Robotics.

- Evaluate the need and extend technical recommendations based on various programming languages.

- Collaborate to document and support software analytics, and clearly present status and results to internal and external stakeholders.

- A detailed acumen to write codes, make codes and modify different AI programming language codes using different tools.

#artificialintelligence #machinelearning #Data Scientist #Data Management #Robotics #Algorithm


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