AI song mastering service Landr now offers musicians multiple mastering styles

Landr, a website that uses AI to master songs, can now master music in multiple sonic styles. The new options allow musicians who use Landr’s AI to have their songs polished in a variety of different sonic styles. Before, it was a one-size-fits-all approach.

Subscribers to Landr can now pick between three different types of mastering sounds. “Warm” is described as having vintage warmth and being thick and smooth; “Balanced” has a focus on balance, clarity, and depth; and “Open” is more modern, with attention to making the audio more punchy and present.

Offering different styles should make the service appeal to a wider variety of musicians, as different genres require different mastering approaches. What might work for a bass-heavy dance song, for example, might be completely wrong for an acoustic singer-songwriter track. Also, outside of genres, musicians simply might have personal preferences about whether they like a brighter sound or something fatter and bass-heavy.

In addition, Landr now has volume matching for playback, which lets you A/B between your original upload and the mastered version at the same volume. Comparing at the same volume is important for staying neutral about what you think sounds good, and it can help you avoid falling into the “louder is better” trap. Lastly, there’s now a “Mastering Preferences” panel so you can save your favorite settings for future sessions and also apply them to bulk uploads.

Landr’s new Mastering Preferences.
 Image: Landr

Mastering is the final step in audio post-production, and it uses tools like EQ and compression to make audio sound polished and optimized to play on any platform. While humans have traditionally handled this role, AI mastering services have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and Landr is one of the more recognizable names.

Landr costs a fraction of what you would pay a human mastering engineer, but the caveat is that it’s more of a catch-all approach. You can’t give feedback to Landr’s AI the way you can with a human engineer, and, up until now, there was only one option for how Landr’s mastering sounded.

The new mastering styles will be available to all Landr subscribers for a limited time. Eventually, the new options will be limited to Landr’s Advanced and Pro plans, along with the Mastering Preferences panel.

Source: The Verge

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