Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

In simple terms, artificial intelligence is the intelligence showcased by machines. It focusses on developing machines and bots that work and act like humans but are far more efficient and productive than them. This industry has seen some massive developments in the recent years which has resulted in the spread of word of this technology and it being adopted by tons of people and companies.

Levels of Artificial Intelligence

For easy understanding, Artificial intelligence is normally divided into 2 groups which are quite easy to understand by their names itself

  • Strong And Weak Artificial Intelligence

The basic difference between The Strong A.I and The Weak A.I is the explanation of the intelligence reports. A strong A.I not only thinks and provides the results but can also provide the proofs of the thinking but a Weak A.I could only provide results.

  • Narrow And General Artificial intelligence

As the name suggests, Narrow AI is specially set up to perform a certain kind of tasks whereas General AI has no specific objectives.

A.I in the current time is a need but a threat too, as said “A coin has 2 faces” A.I if used for good purpose may land you up in levels but would also cause threat if in dangerous hands.

Advantages of A.I

A.I have numerous Advantages but some of the basic and most important ones are mentioned below: -

  • Personalized Learning – The students are the future and this future nowadays is gadget-filled, For which A.I is a basic need for their better understanding of the work. A.I help the People to learn by themselves and become their own master.
  • Faster Decision- As A.I is a computer in layman’s term, it provides you with the results of any of your problem faster than any human.
  • Avoiding Error- NO human can Guarantee NO Error but yes Here is another Advantage of A.I which gives you an Error Free Report.
  • Increases Productivity- the work here is done by programs which are way faster than a human who helps it to complete more work in less time which will eventually increase productivity and will help to submit faster with more effective and efficient results.


Disadvantages of A.I

The coin is turned and here is the time for some disadvantages in comparison to the above positives: -

  • Cost- The programs are usually of high valor and not in reach of everyone’s friendly pocket.
  • Addiction- Daily use and dependency on A.I leads to its Addiction which pulls you from working and takes you to Technology Addiction.


As we can see the Percentage of Advantage is way more than disadvantage which makes a mark of creating new opportunities and ways of jobs in the market rather than slowing down the market. As the rate of Pro’s are taking over the Con’s, the personnel practicing A.I will be in high demand. A.I have already been asking attention and if people grab the opportunity at this very right time there is more success on their way ahead waiting for them.


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