How AI will transform Education

Education is an industry which has seen little to no growth in its methods and technology from its origin.  With artificial intelligence exploring each and every industry, education can prove to be a really good development sector.

In other words, with the help of artificial intelligence in education, there can be a ton of improvements that the teachers and the institutions were not able to undertake because of many physical constraints etc.

Some examples how AI can help this sector is: -

  1. As a complement to the teacher

As we all know, that institution relies on the age-old method of one-class-fits-all that is they pack too many children into a single class and allot a single teacher to them. This is hampering the all-round development of the children as each student learns at his own pace. With the help of AI, this gap can be filled. It can help the teacher by providing suggestions on their teaching methods and style to enable an improved learning experience.

Third Space Learning is one such company in this industry. It tracks the teaching patterns of the teachers and provides them valuable feedback.

  1. Grading

The use of artificial intelligence can help the teachers and the institutes to analyse, interpret and grade the answer sheets of the students. This will not only save the time of the teachers and professors but will also make this process really fast and errorless.

  1. Tutoring

Tutoring is the next biggest sector that has seen drastic improvements with the onset of this technology. Many platforms like Brainly, Chegg etc. who provide services that answering questions to the doubts of the students have now opted artificial intelligence in their operations in order to filter out spam messages and questions, low-quality content or controversial content etc. which was earlier done by hundreds and thousands of moderators online.

Furthermore, these sites also now provide a more user-friendly approach where the users get personalized suggestions about the topics that may be doubtful.

  1. Customized Content

Textbooks, notes and other course materials are designed by the teachers according to an average child which are then printed and distributed to a large number of students who may or may not be average.

An AI start-up by the name Content Technologies. Inc. (CTI) is changing the face of this issue. Now, the university or the institute can directly upload the course material on their website where it is customized according to the student with the help of deep learning patterns etc. and distributed to the students accordingly.

Many prestigious websites like Course era, Khan Academy etc. have already adopted this technology and is using it to improve their operations in terms of productivity and efficiency.

With the development and advancements of artificial intelligence in the education world, students are now being able to learn in a better and quicker manner from any part of the world. This has not only helped them to have a better understanding of the subjects but has also helped them improve their grades.

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