How is China Leading in AI Race?

Until a little time back, China was way behind America in this rat race of leading the Artificial intelligence market, but in the recent times, it has managed to come neck to neck with the nation. A recent report by MIT listed the Chinese AI giant Baidu as the world’s no.2 in this sector ranking after Amazon.

Below listed are some reasons for this advancement-

Major Reasons: -

  1. Investment: -

The Chinese government has recently pledged to invest a massive sum of 2.1 billion dollars in the AI sector and launch one of its kind AI industrial park in this year. It aims at locating four-hundred AI firms in the 55-hectare industrial park which is to generate an estimated income of 50 billion yuan annually.

Whereas there is no provision for an increase in the funding for research developments in AI in the United States budget.

This is a graph representing the number of robotic patents files by different countries, China can be easily noticed leading the way with over 3000+ patent applications which have surpassed the U.S. by a vast difference of over 1500 applications.

       2.Talent and Development: -

The Chinese AI companies have been very successful in managing and acquiring talented personnel for their hi-tech companies. Plus, their top quality of training and developments that are provided by them really makes an impact on the productiveness and quality of work.

  1. Competitive nature: -

The country’s never give up nature really helped it find its flow which has led to an incomparable research that the companies are able to do to provide useful innovations in the technology to lead the market.

  1. A huge supply of Data: -

Because of the weak state of the country’s privacy laws, many big giants are able to track down customer data fairly easily and add them to their database of millions which helps them in having an almost endless supply of citizen information which is very useful for the research of AI as innovations and inventions only matter to the people when they are of any use and this use can be figured out from the collected data.

  1. Larger audience: -

The Chinese innovations and inventions have a larger audience to cater to which gives them a more detailed review and feedback which helps in better developments and provides a direction for research which lacks in America as their population is way less.

  1. Upcoming firms: -

Beijing being the head of all the AI activity in China is witnessing and promoting the upcoming of new AI-based firms by various methods such as grants, data, intelligent personnel, external help etc. Their help has significantly raised the number of AI firms in China.

With the nation’s continuous endeavour in becoming the tech superpower by the year 2030, it is safe to say that China’s copying days were a past now and they are paving their path to lead the industry by an example really soon.


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