Top 10 AI Consulting and Solutions Companies

Artificial intelligence is the new market trend that every business and industry is trying to adopt and explore benefits that it has to offer. Many sectors have already accepted this new technology and are reaping the benefits of their investments in the form of increased sales, more profits etc.

Today, we are going to talk about the top ten consultancy and business solution firms that have taken a step in the AI sector.

  1. AVISO: -

As stated by the companies CEO “with Aviso, sales executives and sales operation leaders take control of sales performance and make informed decisions that accelerate sales growth”. Aviso is an AI based consultancy firm that provides their service of sales forecasting, prediction of changes in tastes and preferences based on market trends etc. to other companies helping them to dodge every bullet that comes their way.

Their service helps the sales managers to make informed decisions leading to minimal losses and accelerated sales.

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  1. JASK: -

With the increase in the use of technologies like cloud, it has become really insecure for the companies to use the online services as there is always a risk of cyber-attacks on the information. Seeing this as an opportunity, Greg Martin the CEO, along with some other friends founded Jask which is an AI-based cybersecurity company.

The software learns in the form of Machine and deep learning and familiarizes itself with every new update and virus that comes into existence.

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  1. ZOOMI: -

Founded in 2012, Zoomi is a one-of-a-kind AI and machine learning based company that helps in better and more efficient learning and training of the students. The software alerts the instructor when and where the students get disinterested and work in that direction to make it more interesting in order to improve their learning.

Further, it is capable of recording the users learning style and providing solutions to improve them.

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As innovative as the name sounds, is an artificial intelligence based company that helps various other brands in marketing and forecasting the demand and trends of the customer with the use of deep learning and analysing the customer’s purchases and needs.

Further, the brands are now able to personalize messages for each and every customer which leads to increased loyalty and rise in the revenue.

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  1. CRUX.IQ

Justifying its name, CruxIQ is a company that helps the customers by analysing their legal contracts and terms and conditions and provide them with the crux or the important details of the matter that they need to keep in mind.

This software has a perfect application on platforms where there is tons of information available and the person only wants to find and read the crucial facts.

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  1. SWIFTIQ: -

Founded by Jason Lobelin Chicago, SwiftIQ provides data management and analysis services to big retailers to help them improve efficiency and performance. Artificial Intelligence helps the company to analyse the customer data and form various strategies like pricing, promotions and discounts etc.

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  1. LOCUS.SH: - has transformed the logistics management sector for the companies by using their one-of-a-kind AI based technology that enables the companies to fulfil their delivery promises to the customers in less than the promised time.

Features like on map tracking of the package, intelligent dispatch solutions as well as insights are some other features.

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  1. FILLR: -

 Although mobile has emerged out to be the largest used device for the e-commerce and product browsing purposes, it marks a conversion rate of a mere 15 percent of the total operations. A major reason is the time constraint as well as typing on the virtual keyboard which is quite small in size.

The AI based company, Fillr provides services like auto-filling the forms with already-recorded customer data which saves a ton of time and effort and enables the companies to have a higher conversion rate leading to higher sales and better revenues.

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  1. LODGIQ: -

Being a one-of-a-kind in the industry, lodgIQ provides useful insights into the hospitality industry and revenue management which enables the companies to predict the market trends, set the right prices and recognize opportunities and threats and take respective actions.

In other words, LodgIQ helps the hotel management by providing them with the market insights.

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  1. BRIN:-

With over 50 million businesses failing each year, Dale found Brin which is an artificial intelligence based application that provides advice and solutions to millions of businesses at the same time and at minimal costs.

This saves a lot of time as well as finances of the start-ups giving them a better guidance on how to get your businesses off the ground.

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