Top 10 uses of AI in households

Artificial intelligence is an upcoming technology which has rapidly spread in the market and has already covered innumerable industries. Business, manufacturing industries, brands, celebrities, healthcare, education, government, household etc. are some examples of its spread.

The involvement of various big giants has enabled this technology to enter the lives of the people at the personal level through various devices that are used on a day-to-day basis by the public.

Some of the devices are listed below: -

  1. Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA): -

Siri, Cortana and Google Now are some examples of virtual personal assistants which help you in a number of things like maintaining your schedule, finding a location and many more. The use of AI in these applications helps the user to get a personalized experience as the app continuously learns about its user.

  1. Smart Cars

The automobile industry is witnessing a growth in the use of AI, Google’s self-driving car and Tesla’s autopilot being some examples, the industry will soon witness a major turnover where most of the new companies opt for this technology at an increasing rate due to its ease of use and user-friendliness.

  1. Video Games

Video Games has been the industry who have been using this technology from the start, although there has been massive developments in the recent years which has improved the user experience and has improved the game as a whole. The game Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor launched in 2014 is the best example. The game is designed to memorize the patterns and characters for the user which helps them while playing it.

  1. Fraud

Fraud Detection is the biggest industry that has seen a reduction in the number and instances of crime and fraud with the help of this technology. The use of OTP’s, confirmation emails and messages are some of the common ways that are opted by banks and financial companies to reduce and eventually stop these crimes.

  1. Shopping

Targeted advertisements, purchase item prediction, special discounts and coupons are some of the ways the companies use AI in your shopping patterns. Haven’t you seen an advertisement on a page of the product that you were exploring some time ago with special discounts? This is the most effective use of this technology which enables the companies to offer special discounts to individuals who the AI anticipates will require a discount to convert.

  1. News

A large proportion of the news stories that you see on the internet are generated by AI solely. Including facts, researching the net for the correct information, images etc. are various steps that are taken by the AI programmes in order to produce a verifiable and true news article for the public to read.

  1. Customer Support

Many brands, celebrates and websites are adopting this technology at an increasing rate to offer their services to the customers. Gone are the days when a representative would have to chat with the customer in order to solve their issues, nowadays this is done with the help of AI programmes and chatbots. They not only solve issues of the people but also make them feel that the company is present 24x7 which improves their loyalty.

  1. Security

A single person monitoring a lot of security cameras is physically impossible, this increases the chances of crimes in the neighbourhood. AI can prove to be really helpful in such a case. It can monitor a lot of cameras at the same time and alert the authorities when it sees something suspicious.

  1. Smart Home Devices

Home devices industry has also adopted this technology in order to stay up-to-date and devices in-demand. Smart home lighting devices controlled by an application is an example of this new technology.

The use of smart AI devices in the home is only limited by your imagination.

  1. Recommendation services

 Services like movie recommendations on Netflix, amazon prime, music recommendations on Spotify, Hungama etc. are some examples of use of the AI for recommendation purpose. This program learns your patterns of watching and gives you similar content based on the past analysis.

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