Top 14 AI Trends in 2018

Artificial Intelligence has taken over the market in the past year of 2017 and is all set to continue the hype in 2018 as well. As new industries continue to adopt this technology, this year will mark a milestone as efficiency increases which will result in increased sales and revenue.

Below listed are the top 20 trends to keep a look for in 2018.


  1. Logistics: -

Many big giants like Amazon and Kiva systems are setting an example for other companies in Logistics by managing massive warehouses with a combination of human as well as Artificial intelligence.

This has led to an increase in the efficiency of the process which leads to better customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty.

  1. Self-driving cars: -

 The end of 2017 has seen a ton of concept electronic self-driving cars by various companies like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan and many others. This is a new trend that will change the automotive industry and will lead to a cleaner and lower pollution levels.

More and more companies are predicted to follow this move and keep up with this new technology.

  1. Healthcare: -

There have been some major developments in the healthcare industry since the onset of artificial intelligence which is expected to be on a rise in 2018 too. Development of Chabot applications which advices the medicines and the treatment to be received, better analysing and faster treatment of the diseases have saved tons of lives, all thanks to AI.

  1. Increase in customer-care bots: -

Replacement of human beings with bots in the customer care segment for providing round the clock and better assistance to the customers has been a very common phenomenon in the previous years. Not only this has increased the customer satisfaction but has also helped the companies to save money.

This trend is predicted to be on a rise in the New Year and the companies continue to add more and more bots in their operations for increased efficiency.

  1. The rise in the demand for data scientists: -

As more and more of this technology continue to conquer the market, more will be the demand for the people who are expert in the development, programming and operation of this technology that is data scientists. The New Year will mark a rise in the need for data scientists in all the companies who adopt this new technology.

  1. Machine Learning: -

Machine Learning focusses on providing the ability to learn to the machines without any human intervention. At present, there are various such platforms open to help businesses and companies.

 The year 2018 will mark a huge boom in this sector and more and more companies are getting interested in it and the continuous developments like the Cloud learning etc. are on a rise.

  1. Natural Language Recognition: -

Understanding and interpreting the natural language that we humans speak is the biggest challenge of artificial intelligence which has seen some serious developments in the past year.

The developers are on the move to continuously improve this technology and make it as simple as possible for everyone to use.

  1. Data Analysis: -

With the impressive capability of artificial intelligence of analysing vast volumes of data in literally no time as compared to the humans is what sets it apart. As new methods of data collection and analysing are developed, this industry is expected to witness an increase in the efficiency and productiveness of work yielding to quicker and error-less results. 

  1. Machine Vision: -

One of the most exciting segments of artificial intelligence is Machine vision. Providing the machines ability to see and learn from their experience just like humans will be probably the biggest development of humans in AI.

Those will lead to better image recognition and less time and cost for trading models.

  1. Cloud Integration: -

From the start of the New Year i.e. 2018, cloud providers will be majorly focussed on integrating the artificial intelligence into their operations for services like data management and analysis etc. There is a speculation in the market that after this integration, the cloud will be able to provide more storage space as well as be more efficient and quicker in the processing.

  1. Improvement in online security: -

As more and more businesses strive to get their presence online, the risk of cyber attacks has been on a rise. Attacks like Ransomware attack which shook the whole nation etc. With the linkage of AI for an additional layer of security, the internet will surely didge maximum of such attacks as AI is omnipresent on the net and monitors each and every aspect.

 Plus with the help of deep learning, it will familiarize itself with new risks and immunize itself from them.  

  1. Personalized experience: -

With the use of smart AI-based personal assistants like Siri, Cortana etc. every person is able to manage their work more efficiently and productively. The integration of machine learning through an update in these assistants will lead to customer behaviour understanding and analysis which will help in better service.

  1. A boom in the Robotics sector: -

Even before the upcoming of AI, the robotics industry was still able to develop and manufacture robots. But, with the development of AI into the manufactured robots, there will be a ton of new changes like they will become smarter, efficient, easy to use and interact with etc.

The robotics industry will see a boom in terms of both quality and quantity in the New Year.

  1. Social responsibility and ethics: -

From the past year, there has been continuous statements and discussions about integration stoical and ethical values n AI so that it will be able to combat certain data like fake news etc.

There has been developments and demos on how it can be integrated and this year is the year of expected results.

So this concludes the top trends to look out for in the year 2018. If you think we have missed something, do comment them in the comment section below.



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