Artificial intelligence has been continuously working for a long time on the background of various big name brands such as Google, Netflix, and Amazon etc. This has enabled it to pave a deeper path in the marketing industry and aims at improving the overall customer journey.

Furthermore, with the evolution of new techniques, the older methods have become easily accessible and affordable to all the businesses irrespective of the size of the firm.

The following are some methods of marketing where AI has taken over: -

  1. Recommendations: -

Recommendations are the top use of AI in the marketing industry, they analyse the usage of a particular person or client and recommend data, products, movies and other content on the basis of their data analysis.

This further helps the company know better about the customer pattern and data preferences.

  1. Website design: -

Website design is the next biggest marketing technique used by the companies. A good website design adds to the company’s image, the use of artificial intelligence has enhanced the process a step further and has given the developer full authority over each and everything of the site.

Selecting the images, themes, fonts and formats are all in the developer’s hand and are completely customizable.

  1. Email Content: -

Email marketing is a big aspect of a company’s marketing strategy as if not all a few interact with the mail and converts it into the company’s sale.

Artificial Intelligence can prove to be really helpful, personalized emails could be sent according to the search patterns and email interaction methods and content of the users.

This will not only mean increased interactions but will also increase the conversion rate increases the company’s sales.

  1. PPC Advertising: -

There must be many times that you may have come across some advertisements on a website about the content or the product that you searched earlier online.

These advertisements are referred to as PPC or pay-per-click ads. The content is decided by viewing and studying your search topic and content on the internet with the help of artificial intelligence bots. This is a smart marketing technique that has now been adopted by almost all the companies which help them in increased clicks.

  1. AD Targeting: -

With the use of artificial intelligence, one can go through tons of history on the search and purchase patterns of the customers known as ‘insights’ and accordingly create and target the advertisements that perform the best on particular customers.

Moreover, the placement of the ad at the right time and at the right position that is during search or checkout page etc. can accrue fruitful results for the company.

  1. Dynamic Pricing: -

As the name suggests, dynamic pricing refers to pricing the product and making available of different offers to different clients. With a detailed study of the conversion patterns using AI, it can be easily determined which customer needs differentiated pricing, more discounts, a better deal etc. to complete the purchase.This helps to convert searches to sales without reducing margins.

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Our past has shown us that as easier technology is invented it can transform industries. That’s what’s exactly is happening now. As AI and ML became easier and more reliable companies all over the world put the technology into use. This will lead to the rise of new startups who will use these technology better. The AI revolution is already here and it has started to transform human life.

One of the major Industry that rally utilizes AI is Health Care. AI has enables the patients to take control over the treatment they receive. All major companies have already started to invest AI in healthcare. Google, Samsung, Apple and other MNC’s has started to invest on biometric sensors which work according to AI algorithms. Biometric Sensors are devices which could help prevent diseases and extend lifespan of humans.

AI has already grasped our stock market and other financial structures. Where there is AI technology there lies the power. Stock markets have started to vary according to latest AI tech inventions and implementation by companies. What more it is expected that within 5 years AI financial advisors will replace real human financial advisors.

AI has also changed the Insurance industry. AI has entered insurance companies with a bang that AI has started to decide whether you are eligible for an insurance. For example companies ask you to install small AI devices in your vehicles which will determine whether you are a safe driver or not.

Another major change is in the Automobile industry. AI and Machine learning has not only revolutionized this industry but also changed the way how the public interacted with the industry. AI and ML is now part of each and every manufacturing process going on during an automobile production. From designing to construction.

What not, companies like Tesla has already developed automatic cars which drives themselves.  The same is going on with the construction industry. From planning, estimating to budgeting everything is now done by AI. It’s quicker, cheaper and better. AI also helps engineers to forecast future climatic conditions a building, right experience and plan accordingly.

Another sector which utilizes AI is e-commerce. Now a day’s most of the shopping are done online. That’s where AI comes in AI will research, study , analyses and forecast market trends and customer statistics which will boost sales as well as do magic which will tempt customers to buy products from a respective website.

AI and machine learning has also laid its hands on daily gadgets. Most of the phones we use are now AI enables. From voice commands to chat bots AI has revolutionized gadgets to taking decisions alone from an era of button pressing. AI is now also being introduced in the food industry. AI is now being used to cook, prepare recipes and gather reviews. Within a short period we might be able to taste food prepared by AI machines. 

While we discuss all about the ways AI and ML has revolutionized over industries. AI and ML has also caused serious damage to us. Scientists say that AI makes humans lazier and less productive. As we handover everything to a computer brain we stop thinking and working.

AI is also feared since they learn by itself and could outsmart humans one day.  Assumptions are made by scientists that there would be a time when AI robots would be more intelligent and smarter than humans.

Coming to the present AI has made the medical filed less secure and reduced the quality of health care facilities. It has created jobs scarcity and started to kick out employees from companies. Introduction of AI has made people quit investing based on advisors.But as soon as we think twice before we take the next step everything will be fine and this piece of brilliant invention will make this world a better place.

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What AI jobs are hot in the booming AI and Bot Economy? Take a look at these emergin AI Jobs.If you’re watching the impact of artificial intelligence on the IT organization, your interest probably starts with your own job.

Can robots do what you do? But more importantly,


What emerging IT roles will AI create? We talked to AI and IT career experts to get a look at some emerging roles that will be valuable in the age of AI.

Alex Jaimes, head of R&D at DigitalOcean, notes that today, AI and machine learning expertise is typically the domain of people with PhDs. “Rising demand may open the door for differing types of experts,” Jaimes says. “We’ll continue to see the scientist – PhDs in fields such as computer science and electrical engineering – with deep technical expertise and experience in [AI and] machine learning, but we’ll also see more practitioners, [who] quickly learn how to use the technology to capitalize on the growing number of jobs, but do not necessarily have a deep understanding of how it works.”

The rise of the “practitioner” is one of many factors that will create new jobs, even as old ones disappear.

“Although AI will lead to the automation of certain jobs, it will also create many new job opportunities, especially in IT,” says Akash Ganapathi, co-founder and CEO of Trill A.I.Ganapathi expects a growing enterprise focus on AI and machine learning to generate new roles in areas including:

  • AI oversight & compliance:  Ensuring that AI programs are running as they should and not being compromised by any bugs, data errors, or incorrect data sources.
  • AI management: Working on the technical implementations and operations of AI.
  • Data aggregation and munging: Collecting (especially from obscure sources) and cleaning data sets for AI use.

And that’s just a starting point. Here are some other AI-related job titles and roles experts expect to crop up in the future.

1. Intelligence Designer

“I envision Intelligence Designers as AI professionals in charge of strategic choices about how, when, and where develop artificial intelligence components in very large, complex IT systems,” says Alessandro Perilli, GM, Management Strategy, Red Hat.

He envisions this position as a descendant of today’s data scientist role, but with a key difference.

“In my mind, today’s data scientist has a more specialized focus, looking to turn normal applications into smart applications. And in some cases, it will be all a company needs. But eventually, as AI becomes more pervasive across the application portfolio and more elements of the IT environment could be correlated in a meaningful way, there will be the need for somebody who has the big picture and sees all localized intelligences getting together as a single corporate brain, if you will. 

“The analogy that comes to mind, of course, is the evolution of the human brain. It’s very exciting. We are in the early, early phases of artificial intelligence and we are still thinking about isolated smart applications, like neurons in charge of a single specific aspect of the brain. But the potential for these neurons to be integrated into a complex neocortex is enormous. And we’ll need an Intelligence Designer for that.” 

2. Data Curator

“Although AI will handle many of the routine IT decisions made by humans today, it is much more dependent on data that has been organized, cleansed, and tagged with semantic meaning,” says Doug Bordonaro, chief data evangelist, ThoughtSpot. “Today, analysts and data scientists share this function, but these positions are primarily responsible for producing insights and answers. As AI increasingly takes over the insight part of the equation, we’ll see a new role of data curator rise in importance, focused specifically on preparing data for use by AI algorithms across the organization.”

3. Data Evangelist 

 “Even after adopting AI applications, businesses will need to teach their organizations about what data is available, how it can be applied, and how it should be applied.”

 “AI has the promise to lower the bar for both access to data and ease of interaction, but it’s not going to be some silver bullet where all of a sudden everyone is using data to inform every decision,” Bordonaro says. “Even after adopting AI applications, businesses will need to teach their organizations about what data is available, how it can be applied, and how it should be applied.”

"That’s why internal data evangelism will become critical to the adoption and growth of AI solutions. To bridge this gap, companies will invest in data evangelist roles, specifically focused on working across the organization to educate users about available solutions, the value of data-driven decision making, and how to change traditional workflows to take advantage of the new capability.”

4. Machine Learning Data Scientist

“While not a new title in itself, in order to leverage the full potential of machine learning in a big data environments, enterprises must hire a dedicated ML Data Scientist to implement and properly train the system, then provide data analysis to add value to the information collected,” says Todd Loeppke, lead CTO architect at Sungard Availability Services

5. Robotics Process Analyst

“[This] is a business analyst type role where you perform process assessments and identify areas  for automation using robotics platforms,” says Felix Fermin, manager, recruitment at Mondo

6. Digital Knowledge Manager

 Alexa, Siri, and Google Home are already changing how consumers discover and choose businesses.

 Duane Forrester, VP of Industry Insights at Yext, points out that virtual assistants and other “intelligent” services today – think Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and so forth – are already changing how consumers discover and choose businesses. Those businesses will need to invest deeply in how they manage the information available about them in the “intelligent ecosystem.”

“The age of structured data needs professionals to provide context for maps, info cards and specific answers, and digital knowledge. Companies are increasingly appointing a Digital Knowledge Manager to be the cross-functional leader responsible for the strategy behind a company's key digital knowledge, the cornerstone of a company's success in the coming years,” Forrester says. “From ensuring online data is accurate, to coupling internal projects and extending the value of content, product and contextual investments, these DKMs will be at the forefront of guiding a company's digital focus in the future.”

7. AI Interaction Designer 

There will be a growing need for IT and design pros who can make AI interfaces usable for mass audiences, says Mondo's Fremin. This role will “create the personality of artificial intelligence agents with the goal to make them as human-like as possible.”

8. Cognitive Copywriter

Sean MacPhedran, director of future platforms at Smith Labs, expects this to become an increasingly trendy role as more companies begin building natural language processing functions into their customer interactions. It’s a great example of a role that transcends traditional organizational silos: It’s a mix of technology, marketing, customer service, and other disciplines. Here’s how MacPhedran defines the job:

A technically minded creative writer who can: 

  • Understand the various machine learning systems and API connectors that hang together in a particular natural language interface.
  • Grasp and can creatively manage the limitations of a natural language processing system in customer experience – a new dimension in UX design
  • Express the nuances of the brand itself in the personality and language used by the NLP AI interface

 Source: Kevin Casey, Enterprisers Project

Artificial intelligence is growing at an exponential rate. The most exciting factor is that we are not yet one percentage familiar to what AI is really going to be. As AI experts all over the world say by 2030 computers will turn out to be as intelligent as humans. Who knows whether within the next 100 years computers will become more intelligent than humans using AI technology.

Companies around the world now use AI to trade in the stock market. These AI robots can take decisions within mille seconds and create profits of millions and millions of dollars for the company. This is going to happen in every industry and there is no way that a human can do this, because there is thousands and thousands of information processed within the speed of light.

AI is really going to be a part of everything in the world. It’s really going to be a part and heart of everything we do just like the internet changed things. Enterprises have already started using AI.

Maybe you are running a Data Centre, or you are trying to forecast what is going to happen with the weather, or build a self-driving car, or predict what kind of crops are going to grow here etc.

All of these are going to experience the ripple effect caused by AI in the near future. AI has turned out to be a big milestone in the field of robotics. Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to an AI powered robot named Sophia a few days back. Speech recognition has really started to work with the help of AI and it is a very helpful interface.

Speech recognition has now gone to natural language using AI technology. AI technology has a wide number of applications in the medical field. From diagnosing to taking decisions in certain circumstances, AI enabled devices now can work better than doctors. Broadly the advancements will come on to the daily objects or onto the internet of things. Which means development service efficiencies, Advancing manufacturing capabilities, reducing scrap, looking into the operation of the fleet.

AI can be applicable from very small devices to the biggest aircrafts build by man. AI has various applications in the industry section as mentioned above yet AI also helps companies to reduce cost of operations, increasing availability and all sorts of scenarios an industry might face. Further out there is a whole scenario based on consumers, letting AI decide which products to choose from?

The next Generation of AI is going to be more adaptive. It’s going to be self-learning. Using AI lie is going to get better since robots are going to work for us and we just need to do the right programming using AI.

Most people see AI as a robot. Well, that’s not the case AI is applicable in everything. Consider google, when you do a google search millions of algorithms are running in the background of some server and AI is going to be the same idea.

But AI will be conducting these tests in a virtual world. We can call that the matrix or whatever we want. What’s going to happen is that if we wanted to find the cure for a certain disease why not test newly developed drugs on a simulated human being using AI a billion times.

Instead of doing it on a rat, a monkey or any other living being we can get real-time results using AI.It is said that in the next generation most cure for diseases and new inventions will be found by Artificial Intelligence not by humans.  

Algorithm has now turned out to be a popular words than in the past. Before the word algorithm was mainly used by scientists and programmers. But now with the growth of AI terms like algorithm has spread around even basic tech users. Algorithms are mathematical instructions or step by step instructions for making calculations.

AI algorithms re instruction given to a computer which enables It to learn on its own. Algorithms in AI are mainly used for calculations, data processing, decision making and automated reasoning.  Using a computer program we can make it do anything for us. The trick lies were we prepare or construct the computer program. Constructing the program is a step by step process.

This programs are step by step instructions for the computer of the actions that’s need to be taken.  The computer then follows these steps to complete the process successfully.

When you tell the computer what and when to do it you also get the privilege to choose how the computer is going to do it, that’s were AI algorithms come in. AI algorithms are the basics to get the job done without confusing the programmer.  AI integrated algorithms can make systems smarter, better and speedier.

Safety of AI technology has been a concern for all.  At a certain point we might build machines or AI interfaces which are smarter than we are. At such scenarios they might start to improve themselves. And then the process could get away from us and we could lose control of AI.

But this isn’t the most likely scenario. It’s not that our machines could go spontaneously savage, but the real concern lies were we build machines that are confident than we are that the slightest divergence between their goals and our goals could destroy us.

We all believe that super intelligent AI is possible as well as inevitable. Now imagine the best case scenarios, imagine we hit with a design of an AI super intelligent device without any security flaw. Imagine we come up with the perfect super intelligent AI interface which behaves exactly as intended.

That could be the perfect labor saving device. It can design machines, build machines, perform physical work. We are expecting the end of human suffocations.   But at the same time we are also talking about the end of most intellectual work.  Super AI can take us 500 years ahead that even mere rumors about inventing this technology could make our species go crazy over it. 

Unfortunately, there is no solution for these safety flaws rather than making AI find solutions for these AI safety issues.  We need not stop building, but try to understand how to build it in a way that aligns with our interests.

 AI or Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised the world. From a chat bot to self driving cars,AI is entering into every sector of a humans life. AI has set a different perspective to everything. Anything seems to be possible with AI. AI is now even prominent in the military field.

Developed countries has already started to funds AI researches and AI companies. AI is the future and it has already started to control stock markets across the globe. USA,China & UK has started support AI on a major basis Here are the top 25 AI enabled companies and startups in these countries. 

  • Zoox

Zoox was founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley USA. Zoox is currently progressing in stealth mode developing automated taxis. As of January 2017 Zoox has a valuation of around 1.5 billion dollars


  • UB Tech

UB Tech is an AI robotic company founded in 2012 in China.   UB Tech develops automated robots for personal needs and commercial needs. UB Tech has crossed a valuation of 1 Billion dollars as of now


  • founded in 2013 at UK. The company aims to bring drugs to market quickly using AI technology. aims to utilize AI to its maximum potential for scientific innovations

Website: https://www. was founded in 2004 at Utah, USA. provides sales acceleration for companies using artificial intelligence technology. World’s top brands already use to boost their sales. 



  • iCarbonX 

iCarbonX is a Chinese startup founded in 2015. It’s a company which digitalizes individuals life information using AI. They are one of the top Healthcare AI companies in the world. 




  • Persado 

Persado is an AI company that creates precise and accurate word combinations and images which inspires action. Persado is a major AI company based on USA.


  • Dataminr 

Dataminr is a US based AI company which develops desktops and other products which provides custom signal creation, back testing services and integration of data tests. The company was founded in 2009.


  • Paxata 

Founded on May 2012 in USA Paxata is a company which turns raw data into analytical data using AI technology. It is the first Adaptive Data Preparation company of its kind. 


  • Darktrace

Darktrace is an online cybersecurity company using AI technology. The company is based in the UK. It was founded in 2013


  • Digital Reasoning

 Digital Reasoning was founded in 2000 in USA. It is a company based on cognitive computing. Using AI technology Digital Reasoning has transformed every organizations approach to raw data.


  • Babylon Health

 Babylon Health is a company based in the UK, which utilizes AI for the healthcare sector. It is a company which uses AI and delivers health care services to its customers via mobile phone. The company was founded in 2013


  • Rokid

 Rokid is a company which utilizes AI technology to develop smart devices for your home. Rokid was founded in china during the year 2014. They are most prominent in developing AI enabled smart home devices.



 Founded in China is a mobile voice search company. Mobvoi uses AI technology trigger voice commanded searches on your mobile phone. It was founded in 2012


  • is a vehicle technology company which uses AI technology. It was founded in the United States during the year 2015 


  • nuTonomy 

nuTonomy was founded in 2013 in USA. The company develops self-driving cars using AI technology. nuTonomy also invents software’s for autonomous mobile robots 


  • Tamr 

Tamr is a company which uses AI technology to make data source connectivity and enrichment fast. AI makes this service cost effective, scalable and accessible to the entire enterprise using it.

It is a USA based company Website: 

  • Crowdflower.Inc 

Crowdflower is a company which generates training data for machines with high quality using AI technology. They support a lot of platforms, including Self driving cars and other automated robots. The company is based in USA. 


  • DeepMind 

DeepMind is a UK based company which works using AI technology. The company aims to solve intelligence. Google bought Deepmind recently and uses its technology in all of their recent products.


 Magic Pony Technology

This AI utilizing company processes signals and started a new trend in video compression by combining computer vision and machine learning. The company is based from the UK.


  • iFlytek

 iFlytek is a company based in China, which has created tight competition for Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa already. iFlytek is a voice, speech technology company utilizing AI technology. It actually beats apple in speech recognition.


  • Status Today 

This company based on UK analyses behavior in the context of humans to protect companies who they work for. The company has great acceptance rate worldwide. 


  • RainBird 

RainBird is a company which aims to make the business operations of a company smarter and faster. The company is based in the United Kingdom



  • Onfido Technology 

This UK based company lets companies to do remote background checks on their employees or clients. Onfido technology promises results within very short time.


 24)  AI Brain

 Ai Brain is a company based in California which builds artificial intelligent solutions for mobiles and robots. Their aim is to develop AI technology similar to human skills in problem solving, learning and memory


 Next IT

 Next IT is a USA based company who develops chat bots using AI technology. It develops chat bots which make interaction between companies and clients easier and better



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