Artificial intelligence is the new market trend that every business and industry is trying to adopt and explore benefits that it has to offer. Many sectors have already accepted this new technology and are reaping the benefits of their investments in the form of increased sales, more profits etc.

Today, we are going to talk about the top ten consultancy and business solution firms that have taken a step in the AI sector.

  1. AVISO: -

As stated by the companies CEO “with Aviso, sales executives and sales operation leaders take control of sales performance and make informed decisions that accelerate sales growth”. Aviso is an AI based consultancy firm that provides their service of sales forecasting, prediction of changes in tastes and preferences based on market trends etc. to other companies helping them to dodge every bullet that comes their way.

Their service helps the sales managers to make informed decisions leading to minimal losses and accelerated sales.

Link: -

  1. JASK: -

With the increase in the use of technologies like cloud, it has become really insecure for the companies to use the online services as there is always a risk of cyber-attacks on the information. Seeing this as an opportunity, Greg Martin the CEO, along with some other friends founded Jask which is an AI-based cybersecurity company.

The software learns in the form of Machine and deep learning and familiarizes itself with every new update and virus that comes into existence.

Link: -

  1. ZOOMI: -

Founded in 2012, Zoomi is a one-of-a-kind AI and machine learning based company that helps in better and more efficient learning and training of the students. The software alerts the instructor when and where the students get disinterested and work in that direction to make it more interesting in order to improve their learning.

Further, it is capable of recording the users learning style and providing solutions to improve them.

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As innovative as the name sounds, is an artificial intelligence based company that helps various other brands in marketing and forecasting the demand and trends of the customer with the use of deep learning and analysing the customer’s purchases and needs.

Further, the brands are now able to personalize messages for each and every customer which leads to increased loyalty and rise in the revenue.

Link: -

  1. CRUX.IQ

Justifying its name, CruxIQ is a company that helps the customers by analysing their legal contracts and terms and conditions and provide them with the crux or the important details of the matter that they need to keep in mind.

This software has a perfect application on platforms where there is tons of information available and the person only wants to find and read the crucial facts.

Link: -

  1. SWIFTIQ: -

Founded by Jason Lobelin Chicago, SwiftIQ provides data management and analysis services to big retailers to help them improve efficiency and performance. Artificial Intelligence helps the company to analyse the customer data and form various strategies like pricing, promotions and discounts etc.

Link: -

  1. LOCUS.SH: - has transformed the logistics management sector for the companies by using their one-of-a-kind AI based technology that enables the companies to fulfil their delivery promises to the customers in less than the promised time.

Features like on map tracking of the package, intelligent dispatch solutions as well as insights are some other features.

Link: -

  1. FILLR: -

 Although mobile has emerged out to be the largest used device for the e-commerce and product browsing purposes, it marks a conversion rate of a mere 15 percent of the total operations. A major reason is the time constraint as well as typing on the virtual keyboard which is quite small in size.

The AI based company, Fillr provides services like auto-filling the forms with already-recorded customer data which saves a ton of time and effort and enables the companies to have a higher conversion rate leading to higher sales and better revenues.

Link: -

  1. LODGIQ: -

Being a one-of-a-kind in the industry, lodgIQ provides useful insights into the hospitality industry and revenue management which enables the companies to predict the market trends, set the right prices and recognize opportunities and threats and take respective actions.

In other words, LodgIQ helps the hotel management by providing them with the market insights.

Link: -

  1. BRIN:-

With over 50 million businesses failing each year, Dale found Brin which is an artificial intelligence based application that provides advice and solutions to millions of businesses at the same time and at minimal costs.

This saves a lot of time as well as finances of the start-ups giving them a better guidance on how to get your businesses off the ground.

Link: -

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Our team has done some research and curated below top 20 Artificial Intelligence (AI ) and Machine Learning (ML) startups in India.

If you know any new AI startups,Kindly reach us we will review and update our list. Thank you.

  1. Alndra System: -

Set-up in Bengaluru, Alndra systems focusses on creating smart AI-based products that help the public like Smart Attendance Campus, where a student can simply mark his presence online, Smart Verify Health etc.

  1. Fluid AI: -

Fluid AI is based on the idea to solve some of the major issues in different segments of the web (internet), the government sector, marketing and finance which includes a high accuracy facial and image recognition.

  1. -

Headquartered in Mumbai is one of the best AI companies that helps other companies build intellectual systems and solve complex problems in a very short period of time.

  1. -

As the name suggests, provides intellectual services to improve and ease the logistics process like real-time tracking, dispatch processes etc. Its dashboard provides a hawk eye view of your package and its exact location on the map.

  1. - is a combination of both AI and humans that are transforming the way humans perform their day-to-day functions such as setting an alarm, ordering stuff, booking a taxi, paying utility bills etc.

  1. - is a Chabot based AI company that focusses on generating personalized conversations for the purpose of marketing which leads to increased conversion rates and more sales. It spreads the brand awareness and understands customer needs.

  1. Super Text: -

Based in Bengaluru, Super Text specializes in designing Chabot’s that can be further integrated with services like messengers, line, slack and many more.

  1. Xurmo: -

Being a self-service platform, Xurmo connects all the data and provides it analysis which is completely automated. Publishing applications, workflow management, data investigation are some other features of the company.


  1. Sig Tuple: -

Developed for the medical industry, Sig Tuple provides analysis for visual medical data used to aid diagnosis. Their platform is able to provide aid for five major segments in the medicine world namely chest x-ray, semen, urine microscopy, OCT and blood smears.

  1. Tricog Health Services Pvt. Ltd.: -

Tricog health services is a revolutionary company that provides its services in the medical world and helps diagnose heart attacks in moments the patient arrives at the hospital which enables early care and treatment leading to potentially saving lives.

  1. Mad Street Den: -

Headquartered in Chennai, Mad street den creates and develops new applications with the help of artificial intelligence technology. is a brilliant example of their work directed towards the retail industry.

  1. Embibe: -

Embibe helps the students score good marks and improve their skills by providing them with a detailed and personalized analysis of their tests and mistakes and how to improve them. This helps in building confidence among the students.

  1. - is an application based platform which provides the users with over twenty services like booking a cab, order food, pay bills and many others. The best feature is that if you are rude to the app, the app can even block you.

  1. Zenatix Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: -

Zenatix solutions provide a really unique business service to its clients. For eg. If one of its clients has 500 stores and pays rs.30-80 crores in electricity charges annually, zenatix will help the business save 10 to 30% of the bill by providing solutions and methods to do so.

  1. -

If you have ever sent a balance request to your bank account to your bank on Facebook messenger, you just used the service of This company provides Chabot services to many institutions like banks, big brands etc.

  1. - is a software-based company that provides companies with products that helps businesses solve their complex analytics processes. They have a good product feedback and a pay-per-use policy which makes them the first choice in this sector.


  1. Netradyne: -

Netradyne focusses on the driver’s security and has launched their product ‘Driveri’ which is a driving monitoring and assistance product. It mounts on the windshield and records the performance of the driver with features like GPS, accelerometer, gyro meter etc. Any unsafe driving event gets recorded on videotape and gets automatically uploaded to the company’s cloud.

  1. Innefu Labs: -

Innefu Labs is a Delhi based start-up which specializes in cybersecurity solutions especially biometric authentication. Its patented product AuthSheild uses both images as well as speech recognition to authenticate a user. The registering process is very simple, the user needs to click a selfie from his phone and speak a few words, and both of them are recorded and used as an authentication password.

  1. Uncanny Vision: -

Uncanny vision uses AI and ML to create and run cost-effective surveillance security on a large scale for cities and industry clients. In addition, it also provides real-time updates and analytics to its clients through its application.

  1. Staqu: -

Established in Gurgaon, Staqu is an AI research firm which focusses on understanding the image recognition technology and provides services to many e-commerce sites for tasks such as image search, generation of tags as well as product recommendations.

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Education is an industry which has seen little to no growth in its methods and technology from its origin.  With artificial intelligence exploring each and every industry, education can prove to be a really good development sector.

In other words, with the help of artificial intelligence in education, there can be a ton of improvements that the teachers and the institutions were not able to undertake because of many physical constraints etc.

Some examples how AI can help this sector is: -

  1. As a complement to the teacher

As we all know, that institution relies on the age-old method of one-class-fits-all that is they pack too many children into a single class and allot a single teacher to them. This is hampering the all-round development of the children as each student learns at his own pace. With the help of AI, this gap can be filled. It can help the teacher by providing suggestions on their teaching methods and style to enable an improved learning experience.

Third Space Learning is one such company in this industry. It tracks the teaching patterns of the teachers and provides them valuable feedback.

  1. Grading

The use of artificial intelligence can help the teachers and the institutes to analyse, interpret and grade the answer sheets of the students. This will not only save the time of the teachers and professors but will also make this process really fast and errorless.

  1. Tutoring

Tutoring is the next biggest sector that has seen drastic improvements with the onset of this technology. Many platforms like Brainly, Chegg etc. who provide services that answering questions to the doubts of the students have now opted artificial intelligence in their operations in order to filter out spam messages and questions, low-quality content or controversial content etc. which was earlier done by hundreds and thousands of moderators online.

Furthermore, these sites also now provide a more user-friendly approach where the users get personalized suggestions about the topics that may be doubtful.

  1. Customized Content

Textbooks, notes and other course materials are designed by the teachers according to an average child which are then printed and distributed to a large number of students who may or may not be average.

An AI start-up by the name Content Technologies. Inc. (CTI) is changing the face of this issue. Now, the university or the institute can directly upload the course material on their website where it is customized according to the student with the help of deep learning patterns etc. and distributed to the students accordingly.

Many prestigious websites like Course era, Khan Academy etc. have already adopted this technology and is using it to improve their operations in terms of productivity and efficiency.

With the development and advancements of artificial intelligence in the education world, students are now being able to learn in a better and quicker manner from any part of the world. This has not only helped them to have a better understanding of the subjects but has also helped them improve their grades.

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Artificial intelligence is an upcoming technology which has rapidly spread in the market and has already covered innumerable industries. Business, manufacturing industries, brands, celebrities, healthcare, education, government, household etc. are some examples of its spread.

The involvement of various big giants has enabled this technology to enter the lives of the people at the personal level through various devices that are used on a day-to-day basis by the public.

Some of the devices are listed below: -

  1. Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA): -

Siri, Cortana and Google Now are some examples of virtual personal assistants which help you in a number of things like maintaining your schedule, finding a location and many more. The use of AI in these applications helps the user to get a personalized experience as the app continuously learns about its user.

  1. Smart Cars

The automobile industry is witnessing a growth in the use of AI, Google’s self-driving car and Tesla’s autopilot being some examples, the industry will soon witness a major turnover where most of the new companies opt for this technology at an increasing rate due to its ease of use and user-friendliness.

  1. Video Games

Video Games has been the industry who have been using this technology from the start, although there has been massive developments in the recent years which has improved the user experience and has improved the game as a whole. The game Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor launched in 2014 is the best example. The game is designed to memorize the patterns and characters for the user which helps them while playing it.

  1. Fraud

Fraud Detection is the biggest industry that has seen a reduction in the number and instances of crime and fraud with the help of this technology. The use of OTP’s, confirmation emails and messages are some of the common ways that are opted by banks and financial companies to reduce and eventually stop these crimes.

  1. Shopping

Targeted advertisements, purchase item prediction, special discounts and coupons are some of the ways the companies use AI in your shopping patterns. Haven’t you seen an advertisement on a page of the product that you were exploring some time ago with special discounts? This is the most effective use of this technology which enables the companies to offer special discounts to individuals who the AI anticipates will require a discount to convert.

  1. News

A large proportion of the news stories that you see on the internet are generated by AI solely. Including facts, researching the net for the correct information, images etc. are various steps that are taken by the AI programmes in order to produce a verifiable and true news article for the public to read.

  1. Customer Support

Many brands, celebrates and websites are adopting this technology at an increasing rate to offer their services to the customers. Gone are the days when a representative would have to chat with the customer in order to solve their issues, nowadays this is done with the help of AI programmes and chatbots. They not only solve issues of the people but also make them feel that the company is present 24x7 which improves their loyalty.

  1. Security

A single person monitoring a lot of security cameras is physically impossible, this increases the chances of crimes in the neighbourhood. AI can prove to be really helpful in such a case. It can monitor a lot of cameras at the same time and alert the authorities when it sees something suspicious.

  1. Smart Home Devices

Home devices industry has also adopted this technology in order to stay up-to-date and devices in-demand. Smart home lighting devices controlled by an application is an example of this new technology.

The use of smart AI devices in the home is only limited by your imagination.

  1. Recommendation services

 Services like movie recommendations on Netflix, amazon prime, music recommendations on Spotify, Hungama etc. are some examples of use of the AI for recommendation purpose. This program learns your patterns of watching and gives you similar content based on the past analysis.

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One might assume Canada to be a chilled out country with not much to do rather than ice hockey, beer etc. Away from the mainland, Canada would not be expected to have the leading research on the latest technology developments. But, that is false. Canada is one of the leading countries in artificial intelligence research. The country has seen numerous start-ups in two locations of Toronto and Montreal specializing in the developments and use of artificial intelligence.

Some of the start-ups are listed below: -

  1. Element AI

Founded in 2016, Element AI has over $102 million in investments by many big giants such as Microsoft, NVidia, and Intel etc. The company plans on bringing this technology to the masses by introducing it in day-to-day businesses. The company helps the businessman who wants to incorporate this technology into their business but are not aware of how to do it.

Furthermore, Element AI also acts as an incubator for other AI start-up companies by helping them in the process and propose joint-ventures too with their client companies.


Based in Montreal, Canada, is an AI specific company which brings communication to famous celebrities, brands and influencer with the help of artificial intelligence.

With the help of this, now the famous people and brands are able to interact with the fans and the public using basic communication tools like messaging, chatbots etc. This enables to give a personalized feel to the customers, helping the brands to serve them better.


As fascinating as the name sounds, is an artificial intelligence based company that focusses on the acoustic-only technology of speech recognition capable enough to run without a cloud connection. This will associate speech with content without the use of speech-to-text translation.

The system is very accurate and learns about the users from its operations. Plus, it can also be customized by the users.

  1. Imagia

Setup in Montreal, Canada, Imagia is a company that focusses on providing a more personalized healthcare system to the users. With the help of scientists, Imagia develops and distributes healthcare solutions relating to image analysis.

Cancer detection, segmentation etc. are a few focus groups of the company. Its main motto is to recognize the disease and treat the patients as quickly and accurately as possible. 

  1. Sportlogiq

Sportlogiq is a sports analysis AI based company operating out of Montreal, Canada. It helps the sports teams by analysing the player movements, body activities, fitness level etc. and enables them to be the best to win the game.

Further, it also helps the broadcasters and the media groups by using this technology in order to help them get more viewers and views on their channels and shows.

Conclusion: -

With major investments by many big giants in the countries upcoming AI-based technology companies, Canada is all set to give a boost to this sector and cover up all the lagging sectors where its operations have not been as promising. At the current rate of growth, it may be seen that one day Canada may lead the market in the artificial intelligence sector.

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