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With the right approach, AI can help businesses get the most out of their technologies and their people – delivering better experiences for the customer and higher value for the organization.

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AI Application Based on Crystalline Oxide Semiconductor Technology

In this white paper, we explain how crystalline oxide semiconductor (c-OS) technology can provide solutions to the issue of power consumption. With c-OS technology, AI chips with extremely low power consumption can be achieved.

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Data In, Value Out: Driving Improvement Through Analytics Innovation

Building and maintaining an advanced analytics capability is the key to success in a data-driven future. To ensure you have the modern, scalable, optimized-for-analytics infrastructure you need, read this white paper. It explains how Intel can help you harness intelligence from increasingly distributed data sources, extract deeper, more valuable insights from it, and drive digital transformation across the business.

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Intel® Xeon® processors accelerate analytics workloads and deliver real-time, in-memory computing. Intel’s machine-learning platforms and ecosystem solutions can be applied to five business contexts. Intel IT’s own advanced analytics team provide valuable real-world learnings and best practices.

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