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Blu offers Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services to help you navigate the ever changing technological landscape and bring you closer to your customers than you ever thought possible. We bring an unmatched team of experts on the frontiers of multiple streams of AI and which combines business acumen and technology to take you to the next level. We challenge you to dream. Let us help you get there!


Every organization goes on its "Artificial Intelligence (AI) Journey

Amongst our client base, we have seen varying levels of AI knowledge, AI sophistication, and AI smarts. That being said, we have also seen a common thread of an AI journey every organization goes on. Before effectively implementing AI, there is first the awareness and education phase where clients get more exposure to AI while simultaneously debunking myths and understanding the real capabilities of the available AI technologies. The second step involves strategy consulting where we help clients identify, qualify, and prioritize, business use case win points or sometimes pain points that AI can address. Finally, we assist clients in implementing AI projects within their businesses, both in terms of technology and in issues relating to change management, organization culture, and employee adoption. More specifically, blu’s offerings within these three AI journey stages include:   

Awareness and Education
  • Awareness

    • Private speaking engagements

    • One-on-one initial consultations

  • Formal Education

    • Corporate AI workshops – ranging from a few hours to a few days

    • Conference speaking engagements

Strategy Consulting
  • What we do:

    • AI Business Use case identification

    • Strategy roadmap development

  • What we have:

    • AI Strategy Experts

    • Business Consultants

Project Implementation
  • What we do:

    • AI talent search

    • Change management and organizational culture workshops

    • Product defect detection

    • Document recognition and information extraction

    • Customer Experience/Chatbots

    • Trading Indicators

    • Corporate Documents   

  • What we have:

    • blu’s AI Specialist Expert Network

Data Consulting
  • What we do:

    • Data Audit

    • Data Cleaning

    • Data Analysis

    • Alternative data sources for investments

  • What we have:

    • Data Scientist

    • Data experts on financial data and alternate data


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