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EXAWIZARDS solves social issues using AI and creates a happy society.

To ultimately solve aging society issues by accelerating performance of our clients with AI and bringing innovation in their industries.

Strengths of EXAWIZARDS

  • Wide network developed through AI projects in various industries


    We work on hundreds of projects with clients in various industries such as finance, manufacturing , retail, restaurant business, education, medical care, and IT communication. Utilizing knowledge of each industry gained from this extensive network, we promise you innovative propositions that go beyond the boundaries of industries and precedents.

  • One-stop service from planning to implementation


    Our company consists of diverse professionals, including not only AI engineers but also software engineers and strategy consultants. We can therefore help you think what AI can do for you and offer a speedy one-stop service from survey and planning to service offer and implementation.

  • High-level domain experts responding to the needs of each field


    It is not only the engineers and consultants who work on the service setting. We suggest propositions and services based on the latest research while receiving advice from key advisors leading each field, in addition to our domain expert employees who are caregivers, nurses, engineers with a doctorate in pharmacy, etc.

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