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Filament Consultancy group-Help Organizations and Leverage AI and ML Technologies

Filament's mission is to enable our clients to leverage AI & Machine Learning technologies.
We deliver Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions to solve business challenges. Clients choose us because of our agile design & build approach and breadth of expertise in the field of Applied AI. Our innovative solutions are always delivered to the highest standards. At Filament we are committed to long-term relationships.

We help organisations leverage AI technologies
We are working to help companies understand and ‘bottle’ their expertise and intellectual property into reusable machine learning models through analysis of the client’s business processes and data sources.

‘Unstructured data’ such as emails, webpages and documents make up approximately 80% of all digital information globally. This type of data often contains valuable insight but most businesses typically do not have the technical or financial capacity to leverage it. We offer bespoke consultation, education and implementation services for clients. Filament also provides tooling to help clients make use of machine learning to extract vital insights and optimise business process workflows. These tools are designed to be used by non-technical staff and traditional software developers making it cost effective to use Filament tooling in-house without investing in dedicated data scientists.

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