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Kortical is a boutique AI consultancy which helps companies solve business problems by automating and optimising decision making. Our expertise lies in delivering strategic execution strategies as well as enterprise implementation of machine learning, optimisation and simulation modelling to deliver results. From finance to pharma we can help a business imagine, prototype, develop and deploy AI solutions which create huge value.

Today’s business environment is highly competitive but also data rich, with those business able to adapt faster to change one significant step ahead. Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate tool for rapid and effective decision making in data heavy environments, able to consider millions of variables and act almost instantaneously. The lack of real AI across most industries offers those which embrace it first an unprecedented competitive advantage and Kortical are here to help you seize this.

Sample engagements:

- Machine Learning Diagnostic: a 5-day project that results in at least three specific ideas with actionable roadmaps, on how machine learning can add value to a business

- AI Due Diligence: expert third-party evaluation of proposed or actual AI implementation in a company

- Predictive modelling: development, implementation, and hand-over of sophisticated models to help predict market evolution and consumer behaviour such as product selection and churn

- Product development support: outside assistance in building intelligent capability into your products; for example, recommendation engines, text analytic s, automated clustering, and identifying the key drivers behind outcomes or behaviour

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Public Company

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2-10 employees

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