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Sigmoidal-Machine Learning & Data Science Consulting

Award-Winning Machine Learning & Data Science Team of Consultants.

Our mission is to use the advantages obtained from over 60 years of Artificial Intelligence research to create real, measurable benefits for our clients.

We want individuals to excel at their niches, automating most tasks and giving them an opportunity to be creative.

We provide consulting on the right approach for leveraging AI, tailored to every customer’s needs.

We embrace AI as a friendly sidekick that helps us in our daily lives, handling menial tasks and providing us with insights we’d miss - by crunching terabytes of data.

Clients span the fields of finance, construction, military, and technology – from medium-size companies to the largest tech companies in the world. Both share the drive to innovate and raise the bar for the competition.

We've gained experience working at or with NASA, DARPA, NVIDIA, Microsoft, PwC, Goldman Sachs, and Intel.

We consult about building automated, intelligent systems that:
- automatically research information on the web
- understand image and video and provide analytics
- optimize revenue from trading advertising traffic
- fine-tune existing models
- deploy and scale Machine Learning and Deep Learning projects

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11-50 employees


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