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We are a Machine Learning consulting shop that helps companies build custom solutions to improve their KPIs. By leveraging multiple types of data, we solve complex problems, tailored to individual business cases. We complement this with backend, frontend and IoT development for a full-fledged solution. Our team of 40 tech enthusiasts is built upon a passion for disruptive technology, artificial intelligence, great relationships & dinosaurs.

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Our mission is to develop general artificial intelligence - as fast as possible - to help humanity and understand the universe.


GoodAI was founded by CEO/CTO Marek Rosa in January 2014. We now have over 30 research scientists, engineers and consultants working across our Research and Applied teams.​ 

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WildFire is the #1 niche Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science consulting services company in US. Our #1 ranking is based on customer feedback and number of use cases we have done in AI and machine learning. Based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, we help you in creating an AI strategy, roadmap and help you implement it. We help you find the right AI use cases. We are experts in machine learning and deep learning. We provide our expertise to companies in Finance, Insurance, Media, Tech, Pharma, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Energy, Retail, and other verticals.


  • We are the #1 niche AI and data science consulting company in US.
  • More than 100 use cases implemented since we started in 2013.
  • Fortune 500 clients.
  • In 3-6 months, we do end to end implementation of your use case including POC.
  • We have the domain expertise in 20+ verticals which is critical to implement your use case.
  • Implementing AI is hard. We have the experience and skills to do this. Most importantly, we are honest about what AI can or cannot do!

Why Us?

  • We have been doing AI and data science before AI became popular.
  • We know AI and machine learning better than most in the industry.
  • We have built an open source based AI platform which is plug and play and we can quickly deploy an AI solution based on your specific use case and need.
  • AI is hard and you need specialized AI firm like us to succeed unlike other vendors who have added AI as yet another service to their capabilities or new comers.
  • We will tell you what AI can and cannot do. Current form of AI is very far away from human like capabilities and we will work within those limitations to make your project successful.

Our office in Basking Ridge, NJ


Pivigo is the data science hub and offers data science on demand, making it possible for organisations of all sizes and in all sectors to benefit from the power of data. It’s global marketplace - the first of its kind launched in Europe - connects organisations to an exceptional pool of passionate data scientists from all over the world, allowing them to outsource projects on a freelance basis. The diverse and growing community of data scientists that Pivigo has created is supplemented by its Science to Data Science (S2DS) training programme – Europe’s largest data science boot camp. The programme trains 140 academics a year to become fully-rounded data scientists in just five weeks.

Through its global hub and S2DS programme, Pivigo is building the world’s largest community of data scientists, giving them the opportunity to use their talent to help businesses, government organisations and not-for-profits unlock opportunities within data for positive outcomes.

So far, we have completed over 120 data science projects for over 80 partners, including KPMG, Royal Mail, Barclays, British Gas, M&S and many more.


GFAIVE is a data science firm that delivers AI-powered analytics solutions for predicting customer behavior. GFAIVE solutions provide accurate, real-time insights illustrating who will buy what, when and why. Our international team consists of data scientists, engineers and analysts with high-quality technical education and deep knowledge of data science, mathematics, statistics and software engineering.


GFAIVE's solutions help clients achieve significant revenue growth by providing real-time data insights for smart economic decision making, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our solutions:
- Customer lifetime value prediction
- Customer churn prediction
- Marketing campaign outcome prediction
- Customer experience personalization
- Targeting most valuable customer segments

We also offer team augmentation services for companies that need quick and reliable access to experts in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science.

Industries we are focused on:
- Marketing and Advertising
- E-commerce and Retail
- Finance and Insurance


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