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Since 2001 we design and develop software for clients in a diverse set of industries including insurance, life sciences, media & entertainment, education and finance. We offer consulting services for IT projects and focus on close collaboration with our clients. By using series of short development cycles, we facilitate transparency to the development process and help ideas mature and evolve in the right direction over time.

105 people team of IT engineers, designers, product analysts hold a wide range of expertise covering:
Business Intelligence
Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning
Big Data
Systems Integration
Custom Software Development
Software Design & Prototyping
IT Consulting
Support & Maintenance

Our team integrates so tightly with yours that you’ll think we’re right next door (and sometimes, in the same room with you).

Our solutions help businesses with the following areas:
- automate Business Processes (BPM)
- Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Mobile web market
- use opportunities provided by Social Networking
- analyze data, provide reports and visualize (includes Big data strategy)
- migrate technology and support for rescue missions

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SFL Scientific is a data science consulting and professional services firm operating on the highest end of the technology development. We specialize in data engineering, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and big data, continuously consolidating a pool of the very best data science and analytics talent for our clients.

Our mission is to develop and implement a comprehensive data strategy, mining massive datasets and using predictive analytics to uncover business value. We rapidly close client capability gaps, increase the speed of organizations, and their ability to deliver their strategy.

Initially founded to bring the service level of large technical consulting firms while providing higher value and better return on investment, SFL quickly paved its own path. We established a culture of our own, bringing the most relevant and complete answer to a business situation, from hardware to algorithm implementation, securing higher business value and quicker results. We work with large corporations, start-ups, and technology entrepreneurs, combining deep sector expertise to agile and pragmatic approaches.

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients: We aggregated a team of individuals combining high seniority and deep expertise in their respective fields, maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.

Our headquarters is in Boston, with offices in New York City.

Key Partners & Recognition
Preferred deep learning service partner for NVIDIA.
Preferred technical & machine learning consulting partner with Microsoft Azure.
Machine Learning Consulting Partner for AWS.

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We help enterprise organisations to adopt artificial intelligence technologies by transforming their business models and building their in-house AI capabilities.
We are a team of strategists, designers, software engineers, data scientists and academics specialising in applied AI and machine learning, with a blend of skills honed over years of supporting enterprise clients in building their AI solutions.

We draw expertise from our academic partnerships to put our clients at the forefront of this technology. We help to turn data into valuable AI assets; more specifically, into machine learning models that can continuously improve and scale across multiple business applications. Clients choose us because of our partnering approach, our agile design & build methodologies and our focus on building their AI capabilities. At Filament we are committed to long-term relationships and helping our clients draw the true benefit of AI technology in this fast-changing landscape.

What We Do

We help organisations build Applied AI through our products and services.
We are working to help companies understand and ‘bottle’ their expertise and intellectual property into reusable machine learning models through analysis of the client’s business processes and data sources.

Filament offers bespoke consultation, education and implementation services for clients. We also provide tooling to help clients make use of machine learning to extract vital insights and optimise business process workflows.

We build solutions on top of best in class API platforms and machine learning technologies (IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and more). We are technology agnostic.

We have built Filament around 3 competencies.

#1 Deep knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence
#2 The pragmatic experience to productionize and ensure successful adoption for our clients.
#3 Best practice in digital agency processes, building user-centric solutions and trusted relationships.

We offer our clients explorational workshops, prototype builds, solution design, delivery and adoption.

View our chatbot management product at

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Incubated in Harvard Innovation Launch Lab and backed by Peter Diamandis, Experfy is a consulting and training platform for AI, big data and IoT with 30,000 data scientists. To address an extreme scarcity of talent in this space, Experfy began as an on-demand marketplace, where some of the world’s most prestigious data science talent bids on consulting projects. In addition, the same experts are engaged in developing training content focused on specific verticals and use-cases. Combining self-paced courses with live instruction, Experfy data experts are helping companies in up-skilling their workforce. Experfy’s enterprise training platform includes an LMS that can evaluate student code, a course development platform for instructors, and an assessment dashboard for companies who want to monitor employee skills development.

All courses go through a peer-review process and are are taught by seasoned experts. After the success of its Data Science Certification, Experfy is now working on launching a number of industry-specific IoT certification programs in cooperation with consortia that are backed by major players in the industry. Experfy is Gartner Cool Vendor in Data Science and Machine Learning, 2017.


Boston, MA

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Smart Data • Smart Devices • Smart Apps

Positronic specializes in helping businesses perform better and faster through strategic implementation of technology. Does your business need to up its game to stay competitive? Work with our team to take your business to the next level with smart data management, smart apps, and smart devices.

Positronic AI is a technology development consultancy specializes in solving impossible problems using Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing. We are committed to following Continuous Delivery which allows us to reliably and repeatedly release features to our customers in hours instead of weeks. When you hire the Positronic team you preserve control and equity of your intellectual property without falling behind in the race to engage customers and dazzle investors.


Chesterfield, Missouri

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