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Railsware provides AI software development for our partners who want to apply smarter solutions to their business problems. Together we open up new AI opportunities that can – in a very real way – change the future.

Railsware culture is all about continuous improvement, finding better ways to do things and increasing quality. We make it possible via two things. First is the new approaches that we adapt to our needs (e.g. Inception, TDD, describing context with issues/benefits/risks, roadmaps and users stories). And second is the new technologies that we become experts in, i.e. React and AngularJS. All this allows Railsware developers to stay agile, control development progress and be in time with everything.



Accelerate St. Louis is a regional effort to showcase the startup explosion reshaping the region. Economic development, business, civic, political and venture capital leaders are united in supporting the movement. Accelerate St. Louis provides information and resources to startups, connects entrepreneurs and investors, and helps tell this new St. Louis startup story as it evolves.

St. Louis has always fostered a spirit of innovation.
Accelerate St. Louis is the place to showcase the best of what is happening right now.

Accelerate St. Louis is an initiative of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and the St. Louis Regional Chamber.


PLANAXIS / GROUPAXIS is an international IT/Consulting firm based in Canada and France.

Since 1997, we are working closely with large account customers in the following areas :
- SWIFT, Payments and Treasury,
- Risks and Compliance,
- Financials Markets areas,
- IT expertise.

Our abilities concern :
- Operational consulting expertise as well as Business Analyst expertise,
- IT Business Analyst expertise,
- Project management including large international programs,
- Business back-office operations and support,
- IT and technical expertises.

The main values of our consulting firm are the following :
- Excellence,
- Dynamism,
- Expertise,
- Conviviality,
- Humanism.

PLANAXIS / GROUPAXIS est une entreprise internationale de services-conseils présente au Canada et en France.

Depuis 1997, nous accompagnons nos clients grands comptes sur les domaines suivants :
- SWIFT, les paiements et la trésorerie,
- les risques et la conformité,
- la finance de marchés,
- l'expertise informatique.

Nous intervenons en tant que :
- Conseil Opérationnel et Maîtrise d'Ouvrage/Business Analyst Métier,
- Maîtrise d'ouvrage/Business Analyst Systèmes d'Informations,
- Chef de Projets en mesure de piloter des projets internationaux,
- Support aux opérations métiers,
- Experts techniques et informatique.

Notre cabinet de conseil s'articule autour des 5 valeurs suivantes :
- Excellence,
- Dynamisme,
- Expertise,
- Convivialité,
- Humanisme.

Company details:


Year founded:

Company type
Privately Held

Company size
51-200 employees

#itservices & #consultinginfrance  #canada #bankingconsulting  #risksandcompliance #bankingconsulting #payments #treasury #swift #bankingconsulting #financialsmarkets

Hey! I'm Louis, I wrote Bootstrapping ML and created the ML Canvas. I lead the conferences and I teach at UCL.

Join over 1,500 others and download my FREE ML Starter Kit. It contains resources used by leading organizations worldwide to apply ML to your own problems.


The first guide to Prediction APIs. Targeted at computer engineers, scientists, hackers, programmers, analysts and thinkers who want to be the makers of the predictive apps and businesses of tomorrow.

XenonStack is a leading Software Company in Product Development and Solution Provider for DevOps, Big Data Integration, Real-Time Analytics & Data Science.

Our Products:

1. NexaStack - Unified DevOps Delivery Platform -

2. ElixirData - Modern Big Data Integration Platform -

3. AkiraAI - AI for Enterprises-

4. Xenonify - Real Time IoT Platform -

Engagement Model With Enterprises and Ready to Provide Proof-of-Concept
1. Project Wise Model
2. Dedicated resources with Account Manager

Services & Solution:
- DevOps Services & Solutions
- Hybrid & On-Premises Cloud Infrastructure Solutions
- Streaming & Real-Time Analytics Solutions
- Big Data Solutions & Deployment
- Data & Application Migration
- Data Products & Decision Science
- Internet of Things Platform
- Log Analytics
- Managed Services
- DataOps

Email us at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Company details:


Chandigarh, Chandigarh

Year founded:

#cloudfactory #aws #openstack #vcloud #iot  #inteledison #cc3200 #linkit #ardunio #sparkstreaming #elasticsearch #scrapy #hadoopcluster #machinelearning #python #nlp #matlab #datascience #devops #bigdata and #managedservices


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