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MindTitan was founded in 2016 to help businesses with machine learning, deep neural networks, and data mining. We realized that not all companies need an in-house AI team. Instead, they can benefit from working with an established team of machine learning experts with a far-ranging experience.

Our team has background in machine learning, deep neural networks, and data mining. In the past 12 months, we’ve worked with large international companies such as Elisa and Cleveron, helping them build AI-powered solutions.

MindTitan’s goal is to act as an advisor for organizations looking to apply machine learning and put their data into good use. We’re specialized in consulting, business intelligence, and developing machine learning projects.

Bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to your company
by working with a team of AI experts


Bring the latest AI and machine learning innovations to your company.

  • AI Custom chatbots
  • Text Analysis
  • Self-learning systems
  • Process Analysis
  • Image Recognition
  • AI business consultation

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We are experts in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, and we focus on delivering AI solutions in order to improve productivity, reduce costs or help your employees in your business. We have over 20 years of experience amongst our team and have a deep knowledge of AI and business processes.

Our goal is to bring awareness and help businesses make clever decisions when implementing Artificial Intelligence into their business. We want to become the place to go when seeking AI advice, with our expert team all around the world we can deliver professional advice on a multitude of industries.

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London, GB

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Privately Held

Company size:
2-10 employees

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Data Cowboys is a boutique data science and machine learning consulting cooperative, offering custom expert-level solutions for complex data problems. Collectively, we have nearly two decades of academic and real-world experience in turning challenges into practical algorithms using a battery of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and statistics tools, and we take pride in clearly communicating our results to audiences of all backgrounds.

Tell us about your data challenges.

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RARE Technologies, founded in 2012 by Radim Řehůřek, the creator of Gensim, is an innovative high-tech consulting and development firm. We're proud to count Amazon, Hearst, Autodesk or Aon among our happy clients.

Our elite group of data scientists and SW engineers specializes in the design and R&D of data mining, NLP and ML solutions for global clients. We design, build and integrate intelligent software systems that extract value out of unstructured data collections.

As an extension of our R&D and open source expertise, we also offer hands-on corporate workshops designed for IT teams of developers, engineers, analysts and data scientists. We train on-site teams to master Machine Learning with focus on Python, Data Mining and Information Retrieval from our renowned industry experts.

In 2017 we launched our own product for smart enterprise document management, based on machine learning and unstructured text analysis:

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Brno, South Moravia

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Artificial Intelligence for Everyone

ASI is the EMEA-based leader in data innovation. We specialise in data exploration, data science, advanced analytics, predictive analytics and data engineering.

To unlock the power of data in gaining competitive advantage, we help organisations to make sense of the data, big and small. We believe firmly in providing innovative, simple and easy to implement solutions that generate business value.

We offer a comprehensive package of services including consulting, training and sourcing outstanding data specialists from our very own data science fellows and community. Our services are tailor-made for each of our client and we practice discretion and confidentiality in every aspect of our work.

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London, Westminster

Year founded:


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