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In today's competive environment, imprvoing operational efficiency is critical. Whether managing device fleets or high capital assets, utilizing preditive analytics to drive your maintenance scheduling, logistics, parts inventory and routing can reduce service costs by 20-25%. 

Virtulytix is an independent full service advanced analytics firm. With over a decade of consulting and business transformation experience, we help our clients drive down operation costs and increase revenue through complex advanced analytics solutions. We are here to help every step of the way from initial conception, proof of concept, deployment, data visualization, integration and ongoing support.

If you have struggled to implement predictive maintenance or are just getting started, our experienced team can help. 

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SuppliesIQ is a patent pending solution utilizing Virtulytix Advanced Analytics technology for predictive modeling of key usage metrics to accurately predict when a cartridge will run empty.



Experienced PhD data scientist with expertise in healthcare seeks consulting gigs

Andrew Kramer have over two decades experience in utilizing data mining techniques, particularly in the healthcare space.

His work has resulted in > 100 predictive models used around the world by hospitals. Whatever analytics problem is keeping you up at night, I can help you with it.

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Phone: 7039756266

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

clearAvenue has experience and expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning tools and technologies and its applications to real-world problems. We have NVIDIA GPU computing Infrastructures to classify, train deep machine learning architectures.

Some of our expertise includes knowledge and experience of Machine Learning Frameworks such as

  • Tensor Flow
  • Apache MXNet
  • Apache Spot
  • Caffe, Theano and others

We have applied AI and Machine learning to problems in Cybersecurity such as Steganalysis, Data Analytics, and a variety of other disciplines.

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