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How will AI Fintech & AI Travel Startups Benefit Consumers?

Fintech is here to stay and rule it means using the technology to make finance much easier. New start-ups in this sector are making the lives of customers much easier by identifying and improving upon areas in the finance industry which were lagging behind in technology and proved to be a pains for the same. It is said that AI can and will continue to benefit the consumers including those in the FinTech space. Following are some of the concrete examples of how AI will serve you.

Chabot’s: A Chabot is a computer program which does conversations via textual and auditory methods. They are now implemented by a variety of financial institutions as self-servicing customer-facing tools.

Fraud prevention and detection: The Financial industry is dependent on a set of complicated rules. Humans have manually re-examined hoards of data. Human error in this process is unavoidable.

Process Analytics for Improving Customer quest: There are incompetences that customers face along their quest with a bank. Process analytics let banks to examine data for incompetence throughout the customer quest using social media, and the bank’s internal data.

Democratization of Banking Solutions: Banking services that were organically inexpensive to many consumers are now available. One certain service is wealth management. Wealth management advisors have been mainly aiming for people with plenty of assets.

Having Passion for travelling and having interest in AI sector is a mind-blowing combination. AI is set to be a game-changer for the travel industry it helps consumers and companies making travel much more easily. Let us see how it is done.


Enhanced Booking and Ticketing via Dynamic Pricing: Tracking price variations for travel and lodging can be tricky for travellers who are aiming for the finest time to book a hotel, flights or vacation packages. However, travel operators can assist heighten the customer feel by applying dynamic pricing tools that leverage predictive, or even viewpoint, analytics as the Hopper's travel tracking app is doing.

Improved Operations: Hotels and travel operators are also benefiting from AI's ability to heighten the efficiency of its activities with smart tools and approaches, such as the travel genome for consumer segmentation and dynamic consumer profiles via automatic, AI-powered dashboards.

Enhanced Customer Services: Chabot’s, or conversational AI, are helping to create the way of rising the customer experience. Hotel chains and other travel providers are using Chabot’s to raise the customer's experience by getting a new way to communicate with customers.

Some of the Start-ups Examples are mentioned below

AltexSoft:  AltexSoft assists travel industry companies, such as airlines and hotels, with improving the customer feel with Artificial intelligence technology to improve travel providers' offerings with tools such as fine fare forecasting and intelligent fleet, pricing tools, crew management decision-support systems, and conversational port for customer support.

 Hopper: Hopper is assisting travellers to get a great head start and fine forecast prices for different seasons with its active pricing-powered mobile app. The company apply forecasted analytics to assist consumers to know when to buy a travel promotion.

Mezi:  Mezi' (TaaS) platform is powered by Artificial intelligence to assist travel operators to enhance their workflow. It helps to improve and automate travel booking for corporate travel. It acts as a personal travel help using Chabot’s and travel dashboards to give an end to end booking service and data insight.



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