Computer Vision

Why computer vision is rocking the business world — and bottom lines

Computer vision technology is one of the more remarkable AI applications. It actually helped spark the current AI revolution in 2012, when researchers used a deep neural network to radically improve the ability to recognize and classify objects in images. Since then, neural nets have surpassed even human abilities in many areas.

Companies are now investing billions of dollars in computer vision research and product development. We’re seeing companies like IBM and Pinterest driving innovative use cases in computer vision applications. These include security cases, like detecting human faces with startling accuracy, even from lamp-posts as they speed down the highway in their cars; to ecommerce, where retail companies can let you search for a pair of jeans your favorite celebrity was wearing — simply by uploading an image.

Computer vision’s potential is suddenly clear across a broad swath of industries, making it one of the fastest-growing trends. You’ll find computer vision enhancing search engines, offline retail companies engaging with in-store shoppers, and even in use with smart fridges. And at Transform 2019 you’ll learn how facial recognition has been harnessed for drones and video surveillance, but also to make in-store advertising uncannily personalized, connected cars a reality, improve healthcare diagnostics, and more.

But safety and privacy are important trends too. Also, the deep learning behind computer vision is famous for its black-box decision making, so smart companies using “explainable AI” to makes sure the machines don’t run amok.

Join us as we dig in to how computer vision applications — and the five other big AI trends of 2019 — are changing the way businesses of every size are driving value, customer service, and unprecedented returns on investment, right here and now.

Source: Venture Beat

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