Image Recognition

What is image recognition and its applications?

Unlike humans and animals, machines have a very hard time in order to recognize a particular object and images. With recent developments in the field of machine learning and deep learning, researchers have been successful in solving this issue and proving the machines with image recognition ability.

In simple terms, image recognition is the machine’s ability to see and recognize certain objects, people, actions etc. A combination of machine vision technology and artificial intelligence is used in order to achieve image recognition.

How does it work?

The working of this technology is a fairly complex procedure. In basic terms, the computer system is trained with tons of images in the building and developing process so that it is able to detect an object from different angles, analyse the corners and edges of the object etc. and form a rough image or a 3D model and then compare it with the images that gets automatically stored in its system with the help of deep learning technology.

The more images the computer recognizes, the more accurate it will be. The best and most accurate image recognition is performed on the convolutional neural net processor which is a processor that is developed just like the neurons in the human brain. 

Uses: -

Image recognition has been extensively used in two major industries that are listed below.

  1. E-commerce: - E-commerce industry is the largest industry that has taken measures in order to adopt this technology in their businesses. The companies aim at converting your smartphones into virtual showrooms and presenting the people the ability to have a more interactive experience while shopping online by making everything they see searchable.
  2. Automobiles: - Image recognition is an important part of the smart self-driving cars which are expected to see an obstacle and take necessary measures like braking, warning the driver etc. Reading road signs, slowing down near zebra crossings are examples of the inculcation of this technology in the industry.
  3. Image recognition on Social Media: - Various social media sites are extensively using image recognition in their operations such as tagging people, recognizing the location of the photo uploaded on Facebook, distinguishing between food, people, locations etc. and presenting the image to respective communities or pages etc.
  4. Security: - Facial and image recognition is a major substitute for the login password and id that we put in while logging in our favourite apps and websites like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat etc.

 Other Applications: -

Current and future application examples of this technology is interactive media, smart photo libraries, image viewing for the visually impaired, specific target advertisements, image search, augmented reality, solving Sudoku puzzles etc.

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