Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) In The New Era

In basic terms, Natural language processing or NLP is the ability of the system to understand the human language spoken to it, analysing the words and taking actions according to its analysis. It is widely used in various areas such as machine translation, speech processing and many others.

 This technology has been around for a couple of years now and has gone unnoticed by the public until now. NLP has seen massive developments recently in this sector to improve and enhance the experience of customer interaction with other humans, bots etc. Moreover, there have been improvements to increase the efficiency of this system for search, bots as well as the user interface which has made it a priority for quite a lot of users.

Applications of Natural Language Processing: -

The most common applications of NLP are as follows-

  1. Smarter search: -

Gone are the days that people used to search content using the search engines by entering keywords, topic names etc. With the recent developments by many tech giants such as Google which has included NLP in its search function which now enables the people to speak out the content, they want to search.

Moreover, data can be explored in a better way by speaking rather than changing settings, applying filters etc. to get the desired content.

  1. Chabot’s: -

Chabot’s is the easiest method of presenting the consumer with the desired information almost immediately. The clubbing of NLP with Chabot’s is what made it all possible. The most practical example of this technology is finding a right product by letting the Chabot know your desired quantity, size and colour, performing self-serving tasks such as personal banking etc.

NLP provides a more personalized look and feel to the customer-Chabot interaction.

  1. Voice User Interface: -

The best and most used application of NLP is virtual personal assistants that have been rolled out by the companies to help the people search and perform tasks by the use of their voice such as Alexa. Alexa is loaded with tons of features and capabilities that can be controlled by you by a simple question by you.

The future?

The new era of natural language processing has already begun. Now the humans need not adapt to the new technology, now the technology is smart enough to adapt to the humans. There have been several reports that in the recent years more than fifty percent of the tasks will be performed with the help of NLP rather than typing etc.


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