Neural Networks

What is Neural Networks? By @AIMLMarketPlace

Neural Network is a type of system software or hardware that is specially designed to the pattern of the neurons present in the human brain. They are also known as artificial neural network and specializes in deep learning technology. On a large scale, they are typically used to solve pattern problems and analytics issues.

The processors that consist of this network are arranged in parallel lines in a single tire system where each tire or layer has a specific role to perform. The very first tire receives the raw information and the topmost layer completes the output process, each layer provides its output to the layer of processors above it.

With the use of deep learning technology, these networks are highly adaptive, they learn themselves as they perform more and more functions. Initially, the network gives both the raw data and the output data where it can understand on how to solve a particular problem and provide the output.

How does it work?

To understand their working more clearly, we have to understand their types. Neural networks are of two types- Feedforward and Feedback.

  1. Feed Forward: -

As the image depicts, in this type of network the information is passed on from the first layer to the next layer and so on as depicted by the arrows. This is a one directional or unidirectional transfer of information.


2.Feedback: -

In this type of network, feedback is allowed that is the information can be passed from the first layer itself to the last layer and vice versa.

This network works exactly like a human brain, just like nerves in the brain here each arrow shown in above two diagrams represent the flow of information from one layer to another between different neurons. The layers are connected by signals which help in smooth transferring of the data.

Applications: -

The applications of neural networks are stated below.

  1. Finance: - Neural network system is used in various financial products and operations such as mortgage screening, portfolio trading, loan evaluation, credit app reviewer and many others.
  2. Industry: - Product design, quality inspection, planning, management, bidding, chemical processes, manufacturing process control etc. make significant use of this network to ensure accuracy and quality.
  3. This system is also used by the military in order to track their target with the help of facial recognition, weapon steering or image recognition etc.
  4. Cancel cell review, ECG, transplant are some operations in the medical industry that make use of this technology.

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