Datamites Global Institute for Data Science

Datamites Global Institute for Data Science

City: Bangalore
Country: India
Phone No.: 18003133434
Start Date: 30-11--0001
End Date: 30-11--0001
Website URL:


Data Mites Data Science course in Bangalore is the structured training that lets you gain expertise in Machine Learning, which is at the core of predictive analytics changing business landscape. It beyond any doubts that Data Science is the most important phenomena in the business in the 21 century and a career in Data science is the most promising career. 

Data Science courses are designed to specifically enable aspiring candidate to achieve their career goals with Data Science foundation targeted at beginners and professionals wanted to gain from high level to the detailed implementation level knowledge.

Data Scientist course designed to impact knowledge on all aspects of Data Science including Programming, Statistics, Machine learning as well as business side of Data science,  thereby enabling candidates to gain full spectrum of data science skills to deliver end to end Data Science solutions.

It is a complete course with a detailed learning that covers a 9 course bundle of

1) Python for Data Science

2) Statistics for Data Science

3) Machine Learning Associate

4) Machine Learning expert

5) Time series foundation

6) Model deployment (Flask-API)

7) Deep Learning -CNN Foundation

8) Tableau Foundation

9) Data Science business concepts that helps the aspirants in specialising the area

Certified Data Scientist course that is being conducted in Bangalore comes with 2 months/64 hours course duration.

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